SnapEDA Partnership – New design tools

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InterFET is excited to announce a collaboration with SnapEDA for symbols, footprints, and models. Our goal is to make designing and prototyping with our discrete Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFETs) easy.
SnapEDA has made over 500 InterFET schematic symbols and PCB footprints available to the global engineering community. All major schematic capture and PCB layout tools are supported: Allegro, Altium, Fusion 360, Eagle, ExpressPCB, KiCad, OrCAD, PADS, and many others.
At a high-level, IPC-7351-B standards for footprints and land patterns are followed. On the schematic capture side, IEEE-315 symbol standards are followed, with the occasional use of internal standards for outlying symbol cases.
Each year, over 1 million professional engineers rely on SnapEDA for design support. This frees up time for designers to focus on design release and launch, allowing InterFET customers to stay ahead of the competition. Find our parts at SnapEDA.