InterFET Corporate

Corporate Overview

InterFET has the best Analog Front End (AFE) solutions in the industry. It is a digital world, but the interfaces are still analog. Getting the analog sensor interface back to the digital world with the lowest noise and the lowest power is where the JFET excels. InterFET has the widest JFET part offerings and is the worlds largest supplier of JFET Products. We have been delivering JFET solutions for over 35 years.

Utilizing 18,000+ square feet specifically configured for the manufacture of specialty semiconductor products, InterFET’s in-house manufacturing includes wafer probe/saw, electrical test, metal case assembly, and custom ceramic substrate fabrication.

Metal case assembly occupies approximately 5,000 square feet. Final test and final QC inspection are performed on-site.

The MCM-C manufacturing and test operations occupying 1,500 square feet are also located in this facility. This operation can deliverer product for operation in +200°C applications, and devices for Aerospace and other high reliability applications

InterFET does produce products meeting the requirements of MIL-PRF-19500/MIL-STD-750 through JANS-level type processing. Certifications for these products can be provided via our subcontracted partners. We have earned a reputation in the industry for manufacturing High-Reliability products for a wide range of military and industrial users and would be pleased to work with you.