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Cross Reference Parts

InterFET values legacy parts. While other manufacturers depart the JFET industry, InterFET remains committed to this market for the foreseeable future. We are solely focused on JFET solutions for both standard and custom designs. Check our cross reference parts list if you require a JFET which is not produced by the original manufacturer. Even if your part cross is not on our list, please call us and we will work with you to offer similar crosses or manufacture it for you. Providing unique solutions to meet our customers’ needs accounts for more than half of our business.
InterFET concentrates primarily on the design and manufacture of the industry’s most comprehensive range of discrete JFETs. Our long-term commitment to the JFET market ensures the long-term viability of your product or application. For any JFET requirements, please Contact us directly or contact¬†your local InterFET representative or distributor.
When searching for parts, make sure to omit the package suffix.
For example, when searching for an LSK389A, use the base part name (LSK389A) or the core part number (389 / 389A).
If you are looking for Pico Amp Diodes (PAD) or Current Regulator Diodes, please refer to their respective pages. They are not included in this JFET search.