Silicon Wafer

Cross Reference Parts

InterFET values legacy parts. As other vendors exit the JFET market we realize the importance of this Market. At InterFET our products are JUST JFETs. We are long term committed to this space; If you need a JFET that isn’t produced by the original manufacturer, check our cross reference parts list. If you don’t see your part cross on our list, please call us and can offer similar crosses or custom manufacture it for you.

While Vishay/Siliconix parts have been available on the market in the past, they are becoming harder and harder to find as stocks have been steadily depleted over time.  InterFET is focused solely on the design and manufacture of the broadest range of discrete JFETs in the industry.  As such, InterFET’s mission is to continue to supply the marketplace with the vast majority of  these JFETs so essential to the continuity of building your existing products and eliminating the need for expensive  re-design.

And for new designs where a clean signal is the priority, there is nothing like a discrete JFET from InterFET.  When switching or amplifying a signal, discrete JFETs provide the low noise and high input impedance essential to achieving your design goals.   And with our long term commitment to the JFET market, your future is assured.  Contact InterFET directly, or your local InterFet Representative or Distributor today, for your ongoing JFETs requirements.