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By Cross Reference

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As the leading provider of the industry’s broadest JFET product portfolio, InterFET prides itself on being able to cross any legacy or competitor JFET part number to an exact match or similar product family.

By Electrical Characteristics

oscilloscope test verification

Narrow down what part you need by determining the geometry type for your design. For example, if you need the lowest leakage part, search the Geometry Types table, and find the N0001 geometry is the lowest leakage geometry. Next go to the JFET Master Table and sort on N0001 geometry only.

Diodes and Current Regulators

to-18 part
Pico Amp Diodes (PAD) and Current Regulators. Diodes with less than 1pA of leakage. Constant current solutions that are very low noise.

By Electrical Application

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JFETs for electrical applications: from low noise, low frequency audio solutions to voltage controlled resistors (VCRs), InterFET has your application.

Custom Parts

This shot shows a wire bonder being used to attach a silicon chip to a printed circuit board.  The wire bonder uses very thin gold thread to make a connection between metal pads on the the chip and the board.  This shot was taken in a cleanroom environment.
We do custom parts. If our part is close to your requirement but needs a few parameters tweaked or additional screening, we can do that! We also do completely new designs!

Over 50% of our business is custom solutions for our customers. Please contact us and let us know what you need.