Support Documentation

Supporting documents for InterFET products.

Soldering Profiles

InterFET Soldering Profile document CTC-020

Tape and Reel Packaging

InterFET Tape and Reel Packaging Documentation CTC-021

RoHS Compliance

InterFET RoHS Compliance Documentation CTC-022


InterFET SPICE Modeling Documentation CTC-023

REACH Compliance

InterFET REACH Compliance Documentation CTC-024

JFET SPICE Standard.jft Modeling

InterFET SPICE Standard.jft Modeling Documentation CTC-026

ISO 9001:2015 Compliance

InterFET ISO 9000:2015 Compliance Documentation CTC-027

Proposition 65 Compliance

InterFET Proposition 65 Compliance Documentation CTC-029

TSCA Compliance

InterFET TSCA Compliance Documentation CTC-030