Ordering Terms & conditions

Minimum Orders

Standard Products: $750 per line item. Note that smaller minimum quantities can be ordered through Distribution.
Custom Products: $3000 per line item.

Cancellation or Rescheduling

Standard product (databook) orders may be cancelled or rescheduled prior to 45 days of ship date without penalty. No cancellation or rescheduling will be accepted within 45 days of scheduled ship date.

Terms & Conditions

Net 30 days on approved credit.

Freight Charges

Prepaid and added to the invoice unless otherwise specified.


F.O.B Richardson, Texas, via any carrier you wish, including UPS and Federal Express.


InterFET device types are based on JEDEC or EIA registered data or InterFET datasheet specifications. Customer source-control drawings will be assigned special part numbers proprietary to the customer. Many combinations of selected electrical, process flow, and package configurations may be sourced from standard InterFET products.
We suggest that, when ordering from InterFET, you also advise us of your specifications. Often, there are alternative solutions. If so, we want you to know the choices. And that, surely, is to your advantage.


InterFET Corporation makes no warranty regarding information furnished and reserves the right to make changes to standard products at any time and without notice.
InterFET Corporation does not assume any liability arising from the application or use of InterFET data or products.
InterFET Corporation does not participate in life support system designs, nor knowingly sell products for life-support equipment.
We have diligently checked and cross-checked the data book and website to coincide with published charts and drawings. Abbreviations have been updated and obvious errors corrected. When there were conflicts, logic was the prime guide, followed by expertise. Printing and typography was accommodated in the interest of readability.

Payment Information

InterFET currently accepts the following 3 payment methods:
  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • ACH or Check
  • Please contact our Sales or Accounting departments directly via our corporate number or from the Contact Us page for more detailed instructions.
    Important: InterFET will only send invoices from a valid @interfet.com email address. Do not respond to emails requesting payment from any malformed or malicious addresses and addresses not originating from interfet.com.
    Note: Our most recent banking information change occurred on June 15, 2020. Please review and update your records if they contain information older than this date.