JFET Application Notes

Application Note Description Author
AN-014 Introduction to JFETs InterFET Corporation
AN-015 JFET Fundamentals InterFET Corporation
AN-016 JFET Implementations InterFET Corporation
AN-017 Common Parameters & Equations InterFET Corporation
AN-105 Radiation Hard N-Channel JFETs for Detectors InterFET Corporation
AN-107 Biasing JFETs to Achieve Zero Drift InterFET Corporation
Siliconix AN101 An Introduction to FETs Siliconix
Siliconix AN102 JFET Biasing Techniques Siliconix
Siliconix AN103 The FET Constant-Current Source/Limiter Siliconix
Siliconix AN104 SPICE Parameters for Select JFETs Siliconix
Siliconix AN105 FETs As Voltage-Controlled Resistors Siliconix
Siliconix AN106 Low-Noise JFETs - Superior Performance to Bipolars Siliconix
Low Noise HEP Low Noise Front-End for HEP Experiments Brookhaven National Laboratory
JFETS New Frontier JFETs: The New Frontier, Part 1 & 2 Audio Electronics
AN-018 Discrete JFET versus JFET OP-Amp InterFET Corporation
AN-019 InterFET Thermal SOIC-8 Package InterFET Corporation