Custom Parts

At InterFET, more than half of our business provides custom JFET solutions. Our customers often begin with standard parts and tailor them to suit their specific applications. Many parameters can be customized; however, it is essential to consider the trade-offs for your specific needs. For instance, higher Idss (drain current at zero gate-source voltage) or Gm (transconductance) typically necessitates a higher pinch-off voltage (Vp). Additionally, parts with higher gain will invariably have higher Ciss (input capacitance) and Igss (gate-to-source leakage current).

If customizing standard parts proves to be impractical for your requirements, we recommend considering a fresh start by selecting the appropriate geometry. This approach allows for greater flexibility and precision in achieving your desired specifications.

InterFET Custom Features

Start with a Standard JFET Part
Select Unique Test Parameters
Select Package Type
Review Parameters with InterFET
Start Manufacturing Device
  • N and P channel configurations
  • Parts available in leaded or surface mount packages
  • Devices tested to any custom parameters
  • Custom device binning options
  • Custom hybrid solutions
  • Discrete-adjacent parts available in matched pairs or larger arrays
  • Hi-reliability screening available through an outsourced test lab
  • Custom multi-geometry solutions