Custom Parts

Over 50% of our business is JFET custom solutions. Customers usually start with standard parts and customize them for their application. Many parameters are customizable, but the trade-offs must be considered for your application. Higher Idss or Gm typically requires a higher pinch-off voltage (Vp). Higher gain parts always have higher Ciss and Igss.

If starting from standard parts and customizing is impractical, consider starting from scratch with a geometry selection.

InterFET Custom Features

Start with a Standard JFET Part

Select Unique Test Parameters

Select Package Type

Review Parameters with InterFET

Start Manufacturing Device

  • N and P channel configurations
  • Parts available in leaded or surface mount packages
  • Devices tested to any custom parameters
  • Custom device binning options
  • Custom hybrid solutions
  • Discrete-adjacent parts available in matched pairs or larger arrays
  • Hi-reliability screening available through an outsourced test lab
  • Custom multi-geometry solutions