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Our customer service is unparalleled. We pride ourselves in consistently serving our customers with solutions to their design and production requirements.  InterFET has the broadest line of JFET products in a wide range of package types seen in the industry.  Even though the economic and market conditions have changed since InterFET’s beginning we have supported many of the same customers, and they have supported us.  We also have the privilege of serving new customers as the electronics market changes and grows.  And we continue to enter new markets, provide new products and support our customers with custom, selected, as well as standard products.

InterFET Ordering FAQs

  • We ship product in a wide variety of packaging configurations including plastic thru hole and surface mount, metal case, and bare die.  
  • Over 50% of our business is custom orders. Standard part modifications or ground up designs. 
  • We have hybrid & specialty assembly capability to support unique assembly and wire bonding requirements for a wide variety of customers.
  • Our wafer fabrication is performed in qualified wafer fab foundries
  • We have in-house wafer probe, metal case manufacturing, and final test of all of our products.
  • SERVICE is our business! Semiconductors are the products that enable us to serve you!
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