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Over 50% of InterFET’s business is custom solutions. Customers usually start with a standard part and customize it for their application. Customization can be with many parameters, but there are trade-offs with any application. A higher Idss or Gm usually requires a higher pinch-off Voltage (Vp). Higher gain parts will always have higher Ciss and Igss.

If starting with a standard part and customizing isn’t practical, start from scratch with a geometry selection. The geometry type dictates the electrical parameters required for an application. Lower numbered geometries like the N0001 series will have lower gate leakage (Igss) and the lower input capacitance (Ciss). Higher numbered geometries like the N3600 will have higher gains (Gm) and higher saturation current (Igss). The higher numbered geometries will also have the lowest noise (En). If a compromise of parameters are needed, start with a geometry type in the middle.

Some geometries are specialized. The N0042 is optimized for high breakdown applications in the 300V to 400V ranges. The N0014 is optimized for high gain applications while maintaining a relatively low Igss and Ciss. The N0903 is optimized for very low noise but has a moderate amount of input capacitance. And the N3600 geometry is the lowest noise JFET in the industry.

With over 14 different standard geometry designs and multiple starting EPI configurations, InterFET offers over 2000 different part types; Making us the largest supplier of the broadest range of JFET products in the industry. 

InterFET Custom Features:

  • N and P Channel Configurations
  • Any part can be put in either a leaded or surface mount package.
  • Can test any device to any custom parameter.
  • Custom device binning options available
  • Custom hybrid solutions are available
  • Discrete-adjacent parts can be matched in pairs or larger arrays
  • Hi-Rel up-screening available through an outsourced test lab
  • Custom multi-geometry solutions available